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Portrait of turn-of-the-century hotelier Frank Stephens.  33" W by 44" H     Installation for this commissioned work is fall 2017. The portrait will be displayed prominently on the main floor of the old hotel.

‚ÄčThe Special One 72" W by 48" H    Commissioned Work.   This work also destined for ground-floor installation fall 2017.                                                                Supporting Details Shown Below.

For works shown below, the artist designed mixed-medium translucent hand-painted fabrics, and used them with vintage flooring and various metals, mica, and wire. 

Eternal Voyager. 24' by 24".

Spring's Flow. 33" W by 44" H.   Multiple mediums of hand-painted artist- designed translucent fabrics over recycled flooring with mica chips, and brass nail detail .

Glacial Melt With Invasive Florals. 24" by 24"