ARTIST BIO :              The artist began exhibiting painting and sculpture with  La Galleria Design Center and    

Walton Gilbert Galleries San Francisco, Ca. later leading to dual representation.

Also producing solo 1 man shows,

gallery group and museum venues

at locations throughout Calif.

and the West. The artist has also

exhibited in New York , Mexico City , Barcelona Spain and Italy.

Current Representation :

Inventory of works available thru

Artists Inventory  /direct contact.

          CELL # 760-799-4722 .  

   Gallery Representation

S.R. Brennen Fine Art, Santa Fe N.M.

This Santa Fe art institution closed it's doors after 28 successful years, so sorry to see it go. The artist is currently seeking additional representation. Galleries , venues may contact the artist for further details.




Robert Bracketti

Born : Butte, Montana

​March 25, 1952 .

Self Taught Artist!   Began serious studies mid 1970's in San Diego, Ca.,

shortly thereafter moving to San

Francisco and establishing painting and sculpture studios to continue his love of art and evolving interest in materials and media. 

The amenities, culture and creative energy of the Bay Area led to his

introduction to well known artist Al Farrow. Thereafter an apprenticeship position was offered that led  to a 3 year position as understudy to Mr.

Farrow, absorbing all aspects of the Lost Wax Bronze Casting Technique

from creation of originals in wax through mold making, casting and final patina.

The artist currently lives in Tucson, Arizona and summers in Montana. Both locations have multi-media studios where he continues to create with the fascination and curiosity of a child .

Additional inquiries upon request.