Self . 27" W x 36" H. ​A Self Examination / Shadow Box Frame .

Bias Cut Evening Gown With Sensible Spring Step Cushion Shoes.          24" H x 12" Base .

Bodice structure comprised of vintage bottle caps flattened  and with appx. 350 rivet connection points. Interior lined with hand stitched lead and bead flower detail. Chain mail and semi precious stone bead work gown. Various fabric, paper, mesh materials. Handmade book with eyes.

​Cuernavaca Sun Dress. ​Hardware cloth handmade Mannequin form under with papier-mache over . Coca Cola and Pacifico Beer bottle caps flattened using jewelry slip rings to construct garment. Leather flower , metal mesh and pull tab details.

Item ​Sold .

Limbo . 27 " W x 36 " H . A Self Examination / shadow box frame .

Mexican Lottery fabric background with central clip board foundation element. Various wood , paper, fabric elements with recycled studio clothes and brushes.

Mexican lottery fabric back ground with deconstructed dolls, toys, mixed fabric,paint and photography. Mummy Babies photo shot at the Guanajuato, Mexico Mummy Museum .

The imaginative works of ​Robert Bracketti .