​Inventory View of Vintage items used in construction .

The design that of a speeding vehicle striking bowling pins in its wake.  An antique homemade child's toy constructed from metal door knobs as wheels and a WW1 dummy bomb serves as the hood ornament.

A centuries' old European bronze hand illustrates the age-old monetary struggle of man.

Mixed media found object Art.          A lifelong fascination with objects developed in early childhood led later to incorporation into much of the artist's mature body of works . Interesting natural things such as bird nests , sticks, and decaying matter as well as antiques, fragments and doll heads and parts all were to be included into a somewhat intoxicating alchemy resulting in a completed work.

The imaginative works of   ​Robert Bracketti .

 ​Hangman Drawing.               Wooden Chicken Collage.       Knife Blade and Fireman Rescue.

Games for the Absent. ​74" H x 24" H . The title indicates, the absence and gradual loss of all things loved , as a metaphor for the nostalgia of people,places and things as well as the ultimate guilt.That of Survival !

A vintage doll's head supported by wooden tops and blocks that spell the word DUCK .  A reference to the Duck and Cover practice drill used throughout schools and government buildings in the 1960's.

​Contents Under Pressure. 35" H x 23" W. ​A Self Examination.   Stenciled burlap background supports a vintage array of symbolic collage. Foremost note the wood painter's pallet that supports multiple layers of contributing imagery.

​Fodderland. 36" W x 57" H.Stenciled burlap and cardboard background with mixed vintage collage . Four wooden sewing machine drawers convey the arrangement of shadow box and shelf elements that carry the left to right composition . Image of a rifle compliments the right /left dynamic and contributes to the work's comedy /drama conclusion.

Detail of gun stock, original WW1 cotton arm sling and tourniquet material. Of note on detail view ​LEFT beaded daisy emerging from rifle barrel. A reference to the anti war movement of the 1960's.

Tutti Frutti with Big Ball .

Where's Big Ball ? 30" x 30 "Mixed metals, vintage glass,Tiger & Pony eyes  ca.1930 Steiff Co. Germany. Background  of found weathered plywood with an overlay of Sycamore bark and paint chips.          ​Private Collection.