Hummingbird and Butterflies Pollinate Enamel Flower .

 Russian Icon inspired . Fashion Icons . Sculptures free  float from wall 1" enhancing 3D and shadow effects .Constructed from engineered wood . Entire background is then hand enameled as well as all colored metal details .Light weight wall mounted presentation.

Fetish Party Gown with Killer Accessories. ​68" H.

 Enamel background and delicate        handling of metal elements.

Fetish Lingerie # 2. 24" H x 11" W ​Note red velvet underlays on bodice and base.

​Brass Zipper detail illustrates metal undressing metal.

Series # 1 Fetish Pollination Gown. ​48" h x 16" W.

Fetish Field Boots. 21" H x 9" W. ​Fabric Lined.

Series # 3 Off The Rack. ​48" H x 18" W.   Enamel and Jewel Detailing .

Always an Art Junkie ! Work in Progress. ​Labyrinth Ensemble .

Handbag Conceals Gun.  ​Killer Accessories.

​Base Fashion Runway Inspired.

Series # 2 Twilight Couture Gown. ​58" H x 28" W.