Walking Rain. ​20" H x 14" W.

Mindstorm # 1. 

​  16" H x 11" W .

Bronze shown above but also cast in ​Stainless Steel.


Detail image shown above illustrates intensity of symbolic imagery that envelops kimono inside and out. The detritus of civilization !

Final Point . 24" H x 28" W. ​SOLD.

Fragment Dance.​ 19" H x 13" W.

Mixed mediums and found objects play a profound part in the creation of this body of work. All manner of reclaimed materials used both in the creation of the original form as well as its final appearance. Of note the skull cap details of international newsprint, dry decal transfer, graphite and paint.

​The imaginative works of  ​Robert Bracketti.

MASK . 16" H x 8" W.

               SOLD .

Absence of Dialogue. ​18" H x 11" W . SOLD

​   Line/Flow, Plain & Volume.