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​PAINTINGS on ALUMINUM.                                                See PAINTING.

Detail above.            See BRONZE.            Final Point. Bronze. 24" H by 28" W.

Mission Statement : This past year of painting that has taken me from Arizona to Montana to explore a new process, as well as to come up with a master storage system to deal with nearly 2000 sq. ft. of vintage-patterned flooring dating from 1900 to 1960. With dozens of distressed patterns and what I refer to as the stress of atmosphere, cigarette burns, nail holes, the crush of high heels, hammers and life all congealing  to create a visual language that spoke to me in textures that became more interesting over time . Many entryways had small cutout patterns nailed down in small sections forming the entry. After careful removal, I retained what I refer to as the "historical edge." This limited selection of patterned pieces were some of the surprises that in their own right have inspired in me a work to evolve from a single scrap of detritus.


Commissioned Work .  SOLD

The imaginative works of ​ Robert Bracketti

​See Fashion .

New Abstract Landscape Paintings.                                             Fine Detail Above.                                     

​The Anxious Queen of Accessories. 28" H x 16" W   Wood trivet presentation.

​Portrait of turn- of-the-century hotelier Frank Stephens. 43" H by 33" W.

All images are of the Stephens Hotel.  Summer 2017

The Special One

​  72" W by 48" H

​Fashion Fine Art .

​Hand-crafted from vintage materials -metals,fabrics,beads,glass ,and stone to name a few. Materials circa 19th Century through the 1960's. Each piece painstakingly assembled then finished with hand-applied enamel, jewels, and fabric under and overlays.

​Exciting new mixed media paintings.

Junknest Monster. Dimensions variable . Appx. 100 " high x 72 "  SITE SPECIFIC. Tutti Frutti Memorial Gardens. Tucson Az. Vintage mixed found 2017.

     Current Projects :  2017       Summer Painting Residency Ca. 1900 Frank Stephens Hotel. Historic District /Butte,Montana.

       Dress Matters  :   Clothing as Metaphor

              Oct.18 TH. thru Feb.18 TH. 2018

​      Presented by The Kautz Family Foundation and the                            Tucson Contemporary Art Society. 

​Commissioned work. Sold.

I completed my Summer 2017 painting residency with studios located on the third floor of a boarded old hotel that witnessed      its last inhabitant in the 1980's. Organized tourism  groups during the summer months purchased tickets for what was promoted as The Ghost Art Walk. This included the hotel as well as many other original structure-- most found it a fascinating tour. I arrived in Montana on June 1st. and had my first Art Show on the 2nd, thereafter beginning the task of setting up a new painting studio. 26 stairs total led to the new location ,12 stairs with a small landing continuing on with 14 leading to the second floor. This was consciously divided in this manner to avoid double flights with unlucky numbers and a lasting reminder to the superstitious attitudes that persist to modern day. Having my pick of rooms, I decided on the front north-west corner location with its curved turn-of-the-century turret windows.  All-important north light also offered a clear and busy streetside view of the local liquor store along with the daily cascade of characters. While most days were spent in deep concentration and creative solitude, this carnival atmosphere added a comic yet tragic element that found its way into the new work. 

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